The flood

Tod am Deich

Formerly: Hauke Haiens's Death

Mystery Drama, 105min, ARD Degeto, 2024

Premiere: Filmfest Hamburg 2023

Initial Broadcast on ARD in 2024

In 2003, a whole North Sea community was destroyed in a catastrophic storm surge. The visionary dike reeve Hauke Haien had miscalculated while building a new pumping station and drowned along with his family. Fifteen years later, a young woman sets out in search for her past in the company of one of Hauke Haien's former coworkers. She's autistic and claims to be Wienke Haien, the dead daughter of the dike reeve. With her questions and peculiar companion, Iven, she reopens old wounds. The flood damage may have been repaired, but the trauma is by no means overcome.


This is based on the novella "The Rider on The White Horse" by Theodor Storm and the novel "Hauke Haien’s Death" by Robert Habeck and Andrea Paluch.


Wilfried Hauke


Anton Spieker, Philine Schmölzer, Janina Stopper, Sascha Geršak, Philipp Jacob, Detlev Buck, Franziska Weisz


Andreas Prochaska


Daniela Baumgärtl, Constantin Lieb


Karwan Marouf


Felix Novo de Oliveira


Karin Hartusch

Creative Producer

Wilfried Hauke


Kerstin Ramcke

Executive Producer

Katinka Seidt

Commissioning Editors

Claudia Luzius, Christoph Pellander


NORD FILM / Studio Hamburg