We are making creative documentaries and series for television and cinema.

Filmmaking is a careful observation of reality, compassionate storytelling and a creative contribution to shaping our world.

IDA Film & TV Produktion GmbH

We are a young production company with deep-running roots, founded in 2018 by scriptwriter and director Wilfried Hauke. We produce documentaries and series for TV, Streaming and cinema with in-house and freelance teams.


Our vision is to combine emotions and facts such that each of our films stimulates deep reflection while at the same time providing fine entertainment. To this end, we discover and develop material that tells socially pertinent and moving stories that are also informative about the challenges of the "big wide world".


In this way, our films offer ever-new perspectives on reality, confronting social change while at the same time keeping an eye on the ever-changing media market.

Our films

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Our team

We assemble the best possible team for each new film project. IDA Film is supported at its Kiel production house by its partner, Joker Pictures, with a particular onus on film planning, production and post-production. Be our coworkers creative or organizational team members, be they in-house or freelance, it's passion and professionalism that makes for quality.

Managing Director / Producer

Wilfried Hauke

Line Producer

Fabian Preuss

Editor / Graphic Design

Sonja Kieschnick

Research / Documentation

Anna Drum

Research / Editorial

Nadia Wolf


Jörg Rode

(Osiris Media GmbH)

Iris Sommerlatte

Editor / Camera

Max Nicke


IDA Film & TV Produktion GmbH

Werftstraße 193
24143 D-Kiel

+49 (0) 431 25985135